Goodbye for now!

We are sad to announce that Eventide is put on hold for an undetermined future. This is due to lack of time and a need to prioritize other things.

Good news is that Max will be playing the drums in Degradead during their tour in Russia, starting this Friday in S:t Petersburg. So if there are any russian fans out there, check out the Degradead website for dates!

We’ve had so much fun with Eventide through the years, and it certainly is an era that we now leave behind. Please continue to buy our albums and listen to us on Spotify and iTunes. This website will still be running.

Thanks to all our fans that have stayed true to Eventide over the years!

Even though I just found out about Eventide 2-3 weeks ago (thanks to Fredrik of Embers Arise), reading this had made a piece of me die on the inside. THANKS for the totally epic contribution to the melodic death metal world, and I hope things workout so that you can make even more contributions! -Another US fan

Posted by Dane on December 31, 2012 2:19 pm

I've been a fan for only a few months and bought both of your albums from Amazon and really like the your band's ability to blend old with new (songs like "My Closest Demon" from Dairies reminds me of 90's folk melodeath ala Moonshield from In Flames). Hope to hear new work from you guys in the (near) future. BTW, I refuse to click on the "Like" Facebook button as this is news that I disagree with. :)

Posted by Aaron on December 22, 2011 10:56 am

Hey Brian! Thank you so much for the nice words! Yeah I remember that. You're probably the only one that has stayed with us for so long! I don't think Eventide will ever really die. We've always had this cyclic behaviour and right now we are at the end of yet another Eventide-cycle but I don't think it is the last. It's just that right now we are all at stages of our lives where we don't have enough inspiration, time or money to keep things afloat. I think it's a good thing though. It's like we have a creativity-grindstone that has to be replaced from time to time and in order for us to do that we need to step back a while. Thanks alot man, take care.

Posted by Max on December 14, 2011 1:45 pm

Is this some April fools joke!!!????!!! :( It feels like just yesterday you guys came back after your 2000 promo for the No Place Darker ep that I was waiting forever and hoping that one day you'd return and DID! Now after 2 more amazing full lengths and an ep, you leave us fans again!!! I totally understand, it's just sad and disappointing to say the least! Eventide's is one of the best if not the best executed melodic death metal bands since early day In Flames, and even though they came first, I still think they topped IF most the time. It's a total shame Nuclear Blast or another big metal record company didn't pick you guys up years ago!! Anyhow I will miss you guys, always wanted to see you in the US at some point in your career, sadly that will never happen now! I just hope someday either in the form of eventide or another named band you create will make it to my ears sooner than later! Take care Eventide, especially Max whom, I have had the pleasure speaking through emails with trying to get the first 2 promo's all those years ago! Helped me out a lot! Peace out Eventide.

Posted by Brian on December 14, 2011 4:26 am