Goodbye for now!

November 19th, 2011

We are sad to announce that Eventide is put on hold for an undetermined future. This is due to lack of time and a need to prioritize other things.

Good news is that Max will be playing the drums in Degradead during their tour in Russia, starting this Friday in S:t Petersburg. So if there are any russian fans out there, check out the Degradead website for dates!

We’ve had so much fun with Eventide through the years, and it certainly is an era that we now leave behind. Please continue to buy our albums and listen to us on Spotify and iTunes. This website will still be running.

Thanks to all our fans that have stayed true to Eventide over the years!


December 8th, 2010

Some of you wanted lyrics for “The beast and the machine”. We will update the discography-section with lyrics later on, but for now they are available here. Feel free to help us out by submitting these to all the different lyrics-websites out there! /Max

Inspiration pt. II

December 5th, 2010

Look who we stumbled upon! Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth!


December 4th, 2010

Updating from webmaster Micke’s iphone, Me, Max and Micke are on our way to göta källare where Katatonia will be playing tonight! Winter has certainly arrived in Stockholm and it’s nice to be shacked up in a pub awaiting some slow depressing but awesome metal! Cheers! /Thomas

Rehearsal day

November 7th, 2010

The sun is shining in Stockholm but we are barricading ourselves in the studio for rehearsal. It has been awhile since we released the record now, and we just wanted to thank you all for the nice compliments we’ve had and the buyers who seem (mostly) happy with their purchase!?

It’s a common phenomenon in music business to work hard for the release of a record, and when you’re done you think you’ve earned yourself a vacation. However, the release should only be a starting signal of a much greater working process. Things are not that easy when you’re an independent band working on your own, though. If you have any ideas that might help us grow (it could be anything from a magazine review to relevant labels to swedish gig venues that are looking for bands) please let us know on the guestbook or

It’s also possible for you to buy let’s say 10 copies of the new record for a discounted price and sell them yourself in your own country. This means that you can earn money while at the same time helping us spread the word! So please let us know if you are interested!

Now it is time to put my rusty hands on the bass! Cheers.


October 11th, 2010

It’s a thrill yo tell you all that “The Beast And The Machine” is now available on Spotify. If you have the program installed, go check it out now: Eventide – The Beast And The Machine. Two other eventidal creations are also available there, and here is a link to the whole Eventide Library: Eventide

We are also excited to bring you a list of other sites where you can get your hands on our music:
iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Deezer, eMusic, CDON, Ginza and Sound Pollution.

Of course, you can still buy the albums on this webpage. Go to Store to place your order!

Rehearsing has started out great! We made it  through the title track and halfway through Passenger aswell last Wednesday. It won’t be long until we start looking for gigs, so keep you eyes open for more news!


September 27th, 2010

FINALLY! After years(!) of working with the new album we release our brand new fullength album, “The Beast And The Machine“! The record contains 13 pieces of pure eventidish metal, and we’ve been working as hard as we possibly can to make it the best Eventide-release ever! We are very pleased with how the final product turned out to sound, and we want you to feel the same way. Therefore, we’ll give you free streaming on the whole album on our web player (in the media section)!

While listening to the new songs, feel free to check out this awesome new website! It’s made by our good friend and webmaster Mikael Elm. He has made a fantastic job, and together with the great graphics from the new record (made by Alexander Jansson) it resulted in a major facelift for us. We also changed the URL from to to make it more forthcoming for the masses!

If you want to support our music, please order “The beast and the machine” in the store section. You’ll find some old releases there as well to complete the collection.

Keep your eyes open for more upcoming news, and to our fans out there: Thanks for your patience!